We cater exclusively to smaller breeds.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and have flea & tick treatment and kennel cough vaccine at least two weeks prior to their stay with us.

Arrivals and departure times are between 1pm-2pm and 6pm-7pm. (Mon – Fri & Sunday)

Saturday 1pm – 2pm only.

Restricted Breeds.

Please note that we do not accept restricted dogs as specified in regulations made under the Control of Dogs Act 1986 or amendments thereto and in particular but not limited to breeds such as:

American Pit Bull Terrier – English Bull Terrier – Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Bullmastiff – Dobermann Pinscher – German Shepherd (Alsatian) – Rhodesian Ridgeback – Rottweiler – Japanese Akita – Japanese Tosa – Bando