Each of our six spacious suites provides your pet with all the luxuries of home

Raised bed providing firm orthopaedic support across your pet’s entire body. Great for seniors with arthritis as it helps to alleviate pressure on the joints. Also helpful for pets with skin allergies as the mesh covering allows great air circulation around your sleeping pet.

Our bed linen consists of plush valence with a snug mattress and topped with a plush cosy blanket. A comfy pillow, and of course their own little teddy bear.
Alternatively we provide vetbed for elderly pets and / or pets that are prone to shred pillows and furnishings. (Please let us know)

Each of our suites are heated by ceiling mounted infrared heating panels which heats the area where your pet prefers to sleep.

Armchair for your pet to relax and chill out after a busy day at the resort.

A resting mat.

Custom made raised dog feeder (may aid digestion and helpful for elderly pets)

Individual ambient lighting to aid restful sleep.

Our guests are lulled to sleep each night with classical music.

Each of our guests have their own locker for personal items and comes with fresh towels replaced as required during their stay.

Our sleeping suites are fully alarmed and covered by CCTV.

Should any of our guests be particularly fretful or in need of reassurance, we bring them into our home to sleep in their bed beside our own.